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TOPMED medical center was founded in 1996 in Tg Mures and has become today a company recognized locally and beyond, for promptness, professionalism and respect for patient. They’re always working to keep their customers satisfied and we are searching for new ways to improve our services for them. Quality involves investments, passion for the profession, vision and openness. That’s why, TOPMED has proposed to do more than talk about quality by combining rich experience of professionals with high technical equipment, diversification of services, training personnel and upgrading the interior.Their priority is to provide each patient access to an accurate diagnosis in the shortest time, effective methods of treatment at affordable prices.

The medical center has a laboratory with excellent facilities and with a wide range of analyzes and it is accredited according to the European standards.Imaging compartment is composed of standard radiology, ultrasound, and mammography and computed tomography, thus being able to provide the basis for a large number of diagnoses.The entire activity in the medical center is licensed by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance House. Certifications of the quality medical services hospital units that are granted, only to demonstrate that the activity is conducted according to the European standards.